Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Rare Fish Named King

It was not an everyday occurence to find fish stranded on the beach of Samalona.

One day we found a baby tiger-shark. It was tiger-shark alright, with spots like a leopard, but with a length of 'only' that of a baseball bat. We thought it was dead. I even forgot what we did with that tiger-shark baby. I think we put it back to the sea.

On another occasion, my friend found a fish which we could not identify. The hardy, shelly, grey-brownish outer skin, suggested a rocky environment, maybe from the deep sea. And he was not all smoothy, so his apperance should be for camouflage purpose. His lower jaw protruded farther than his upper jaw (like the giant, evil character in Javanese mythology), giving him a rather funny, but harsh look. For a person I guess we could imagine a hard-rocker type. Maybe like Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Rod Steward, Alice Cooper? He sure looked like he had a character and an attitude. that's also why I refer to him as him, not it.

He was pretty much alive, but we were not sure if he would survive should we return him to sea -- these Samalona waters, not the deep sea. So we decided to keep him. We made an emergency solitary aquarium (solitary here means for himself alone), filled it with sea water, decorated it with sea rocks, and put him there. We called him King. Almost every minute and every day we tended to King. We even talked to him.

But it was definite that King didn't belong on the ground. After a few days we found him in his usual pose, but dead. I forgot what we did to his shell. Maybe we put him back to sea.