Sunday, December 24, 2006

Music To Play By (finally)

Then, Samalona. The permission to speed-boating home was after every one month on the island. What type of music would possibly fit for my adventure there? Well, before setting out to POPSA dock on my first day I didn't have much time to think. It was like being handed out a paper blotted with ink and was asked by Mr. Rorschach for the first impression, no second thought. Butterfly? Could be. And the butterfly happened to be in the form of a coverless tape cassette, which appeared at home without clear trace of its ownership, written on it The Best of Bob Dylan.

Fact was, ever since I set foot on the island I barely had time to play some music, barely had time to play that cassette, barely had time to play anything. Once in awhile, however, there came some youngsters (I was one myself, but was thinking older then) astranded, playing some songs out of their boom box, or an outing group of some office having karaoke under the giant tree.

Take for example: college nature-loving club students, in the middle of the night on the beach, lighting up a bonfire (meaning I would have to clean up the remains first thing in the morning), one-two of them banging on accoustic guitars while all of them singing out "Air Mata Api" (translated: "Tears of Fire"), a better sounding version than the original. Another occasion, some other university guys enjoying time on the terrace of their bungalow, turning on their combo -it was the trend that day- while having light-hearted conversations. The song, You're Unbelieveable, EMF; Creep, Radiohead.